zuma gold dust

Zuma Gold Dust Shaker

Blog: Give your drinks an everyday touch of glamour with Zuma Gold Dust. An easy blend of sugar, cocoa and edible gold powder, our dust adds a luscious golden sheen to any steamed milk drinks. Suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans. How to use: It’s really simple. Make your drink with steamed milk and gently dust the top using...

Caffe Roma New Packaging

Caffe Roma Packaging

Caffe Roma Coffee – Great New Look Some of our more regular buyers of the Caffe Roma Coffee may have noticed that the foil pack designs have been changing recently. We think the new design looks great and is a massive improvement as the brand continues to develop. It is always a nervous time making such a large change as you never know...

blog banner chocolait

Choc O Lait – New Packaging

The Choc-o-lait range has had a make-over. Choc O Lait are handmade blocks of Belgian chocolate on a wooden stick. They are quick and easy to use and make a delicious mug of hot chocolate. The new design packs are similar to the original design but now feature a light wooden effect background on the printer card. The outer boxes are...

blog banner jamaica popop

Cocktail Recipe – Vodka Rastapopop

Cocktail Recipe – Vodka Rastapopop Yippee, the sun is out and it is Friday. Cocktail time. Less than an hour to go and I’m off home to have a BBQ and soak in the pool. Normally it would be beers with the BBQ, but tonight I have some Jamaican sauce for the BBQ and thought it would be cool to...

Website Upgrade

Nextdaycoffee.co.uk, now in three sizes

Nextdaycoffee.co.uk got a fresh lick of paint today, with the front page getting its biggest design overhaul in four years. It has taken many months of meetings, talking and drinking coffee and more talking to bring the vision we have for the website forward. The brief for our in-house team was simple. Make the website more “quick, modern and fresh”...

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 – Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 is underway. The 23rd February 2015 until 8th March 2015 marks #FairtradeFortnight. There are many thousands of products that bear the FAIRTRADE Mark. The logo is instantly identifiable to most people. Even my young children learn about Fairtrade in school run programs making them aware of what the Fairtrade Standards means and how it helps communities around...

Tangy Blue Cocktail

Awesome Tangy Blue Champagne Cocktail

 Awesome Tangy Blue Champagne Cocktail I love the electric blue colour of this wonderful looking cocktail. The first time I attempted to make this cocktail I had never tasted blue curaçao before. I had no idea what the flavour was going to be like, all I knew was I loved the colour. I remember my first sip. WOW. I was so...

valentine vanilla chai

How To Make: Valentine Vanilla Chai Latte

 Vanilla Chai Latte from Drink Me is simply delicious. Really quick and easy to mix, nothing is better than relaxing in front of the goggle-box with a steaming hot mug of chai. Try this recipe idea for a Valentine twist on this chai favourite. How To Make: Valentine Vanilla Chai Latte Add 1 scoop (4 tsp) Vanilla Chai Latte into a mug....

Hot Chocolate

Hot To Make Hot Chocolate: Zuma Hot Chocolate

Zuma Hot Chocolate has been specially blended using 25% West African cocoa for a luxuriously smooth, traditional-style hot chocolate. This powder makes a delicious hot chocolate drink

website maintenance

Website & Blog Maintenance

We are improving Over the past several months we have been planning on improvements we want to make to enhance the user experience of our website. The time has come to start making these changes. We are testing and changing things that hopefully you will not notice happening. On the blog for instance, you may notice some of the menus and pages...

shot glasses

Brewing: Espresso Shot Glasses

You may find that your cups don’t fit under your coffee machine group handle to capture all that delicious espresso. That’s where these shot glasses come in

Christmas Tree Latte Art

Christmas Tree Latte Art

The countdown is on. As I type there are still 15 days 11 hrs 40 mins to go until Christmas Day. To get you in the mood here is a nice clip of some Christmas Tree latte art being created. I think everyone should give this a go – looks great. You can click ‘youtube’ on the video to view the...

DPD Sunday Delivery

New Sunday Delivery Service

Nextdaycoffee are the first coffee company to offer our customers a Sunday delivery service. No more worrying that you ordered too little stock and need it fast. Now you don’t need to wait until Monday with our delivery service now available on Sunday. What’s more, you will still receive a one-hour delivery window and the ability to track the delivery...

halloween blog banner

Pumpkin Recipe Idea: Halloween Is Coming

The year has zoomed past and it’s already October. Outside things are pretty chilly, in fact where I live it is freezing cold outside and raining. If that’s not bad enough, the clocks also change on the last Sunday of the month (26th) plunging us into darkness as well as being freezing cold and wet. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom,...

PG Tips Banner

A Delicious Cuppa with PG Tips Tea Bags

PG Tips Tea. A fantastic tea brand featuring a cheeky little monkey that everyone loves. A few years ago I got one of the little knitted monkeys with a tea order. He sat on my shelf for ages. Just had a look and he’s not there. Think he made a dash for it :( Anyway, let’s get on with the...

Monin Wild Strawberry

Monin Wild Strawberry Syrup

As a child I was never fond of strawberries. I have no idea why, I just didn’t like them. Over the years I grew to love them, and now we have them every Sunday after dinner with some delicious cream.

Banner Bolero Wafer Biscuits

Bolero Wafer Stick Biscuits

Everyone like to try to eat good healthy food, and for the most part, my diet is pretty good. If you have a look in my lunch bag right now I have some home-made soup (thanks to the wife), a banana, an apple and a rather small tangerine. There is also a set of headphones, one of the kids must...

Happy Customer

Milestone #HappyCustomer Feedback

If you have bought from us before we hope you have had a great experience. We have been collecting feedback from customers via Trustpilot for a couple of months now. The Trustpilot site collects reviews both positive and negative. We love the transparency that these public reviews give. Milestone Review Five days ago we hit a major milestone and received...

Trustpilot Blog Banner

It’s Official: We Are The Best Coffee Company

It is official. We are ranked FIRST in the Tea & Coffee category via Trustpilot*. We work hard in #CoffeeHQ to give all our customers the best service possible. Being called NEXTDAYcoffee adds more pressure to get the product delivered to our customers as quickly as possible. We also offer the latest cut-off time in the industry. You can place...

Pancakes and Coffee

Coffee And Pancakes

Yippee, today is Pancake Tuesday :) Now we assume you have got your favourite coffee-making method nailed down (yeah, right?) but you might struggle to find a decent pancake recipe? Well here is one recipe adapted from the Godmother of cooking Delia Smith. Share1TweetPin1 Shares


Cadbury Fairtrade Chocolate Sprinkler

Chocolate makes everything taste better!   Right? Yeah, of course it does ;)  EVERYTHING. Here at #CoffeeHQ, we love nothing more than a lovely cappuccino. When you get a truly quality cappuccino in a restaurant after a sumptuous meal it just rounds off the evening. (or afternoon if you have kids, but then you would have chugged down your food barely...

Owl Coffee

There is an OWL in my coffee

In #CoffeeHQ we just love photography. We are lucky enough to have some really good photography gear in the company that we are allowed to use for personal use. So we got all giddy when our new macro lens arrived (a Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 1:5x Macro Lens if you’re interested). We have been playing around with it quite a...

Website Payment

We No Longer Accept Google Wallet

This is a quick status update to remind users that from this Sunday (17/11/2013) Google will finally close down the ability for us to accept payment via Google Wallet (Google Checkout). Today we finally decided to remove the Google Wallet option from our checkout process, it was disabled this afternoon. Payment can still be made via Worldpay which we use...