Hot To Make Hot Chocolate: Zuma Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Zuma Hot Chocolate has been specially blended using 25% West African cocoa for a luxuriously smooth, traditional style hot chocolate. This powder makes a delicious hot chocolate drink straight out of the tin. You can also combine the hot chocolate powder with a variety of flavour syrups to make your hot chocolate a little different.

Zuma Hot Chocolate is also proud to contain NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and NO GMOs. Zuma hot chocolate is also registered for vegetarians and vegans by The Vegan Society.

Snow + Cold = Hot Choc Time

For the past two weeks, we have been getting snow here at #CoffeeHQ.  At home, we decided to go sledging at the weekend. The hours just flew past and everyone was having great fun. As the sun set and it was getting dark outside everyone started getting a little hungry so we decided to head home.  In the kitchen there was a big pot of soup on the stove cooking, the aroma was delicious. The soup was devoured in no time at all, and everyone climbed under the blankets to snuggle down to a movie. The only way to make things even better was to make some hot chocolate :)

Sledging in Strathaven
How to make delicious hot chocolate:

  1.  Put 1 scoop (28g) Zuma Hot Chocolate powder into the cup.
  2.  Add a splash of hot water and mix into a smooth paste.
  3. Add steamed milk (340ml), stirring as you pour.
  4. Serve with mini marshmallows

Hot Chocolate And Mallows


You can also try adding whipped cream, sauces or other powder toppings to the hot chocolate. I personally love cherry or orange syrups added to my hot chocolate.

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