Caffe Roma AA Blue Mountain Coffee

Kenyan Blue Mountain

Caffe Roma AA Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

We have just added Kenyan Blue Mountain beans to the expanding range of Caffe Roma coffees on our website.

Each bag of coffee contains 1kg of delicious coffee (net weight). As well as being able to buy a single kilo of the coffee, it is also available in boxes of 4kg and 6kg for business users. The more you buy the cheaper it is per kilo. For heavy users, there is also a 44kg bulk offer for this coffee where you get 4 free kilos.

About the coffee

This is a delicious coffee with a creamy smooth finish, suitable for all drinking.

It has been carefully roasted using only the finest AA blue mountain coffee beans, every cup is simply bursting with flavour. Enjoy a delicious smooth as silk espresso or cappuccino.

What is AA classification?

The AA classification gives assurance that this coffee is of the highest quality available, and is strictly regulated by the Coffee Board of Kenya. AA graded coffee fetches a higher price than any other Kenyan coffee grade.

Kenyan Blue Mountain coffee has been grown from Jamaican Blue Mountain stocks, retaining much of the desirable flavours of its Jamaican counterpart, further enhanced from the rich volcanic soils of Kenya. Try it, you will not be disappointed.


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  1. wendy campbell says:

    I have tried this coffee once and it was fantastic.

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