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Monin Apple Pie Syrup

Apple Pie is a popular dessert all around the world and probably one of the most appreciated by British people for centuries. Eaten hot or cold, served sometimes with whipped cream, custard or ice...


Pancake Day: Make Epic Pancakes With Syrup

Make Epic Pancakes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest become completely jammed with everyone’s pancake making efforts. Facebook feeds across the land will be overtaken with photos good and bad. Let us tell you how to make EPIC pancakes.  STEP...

Monin Pumpkin Spice 1

Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Enjoy the delicious taste of Monin Pumpkin Spice Syrup, the perfect heart-warming syrup to welcome the autumn season. MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup balances the comforting flavour of pumpkin with bold cinnamon and clove. Made with select ingredients...

Tangy Blue Cocktail 0

Awesome Tangy Blue Champagne Cocktail

 Awesome Tangy Blue Champagne Cocktail I love the electric blue colour of this wonderful looking cocktail. The first time I attempted to make this cocktail I had never tasted blue curaçao before. I had no...

Routin Sauce Pancake Day 0

Make Epic Pancakes With Routin Sauce

Make Epic Pancakes This Pancake Day Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest become flooded with everyone’s efforts at making pancakes on pancake day. Last year I remember my Facebook feed being overtaken with pancake photos, with...

Pancakes and Coffee 0

Coffee And Pancakes

Yippee, today is Pancake Tuesday :) Now we assume you have got your favourite coffee-making method nailed down (yeah, right?) but you might struggle to find a decent pancake recipe? Well here is one...

Monin Black Forest Syrup 0

Monin Black Forest Syrup

We have just listed Monin Black Forest syrup on the website. This comes in a 1Litre plastic bottle. Which is lucky as I managed to drop the bottle I have as a sample. Phew...

Routin 1883 Recipe Idea - Yummy Latte 0

Yummy Sweet Sweet Latte

Here is a recipe idea for a ‘sweet sweet latte’ from Philibert Routin 1883. The recipe idea has been provided by Ludovic Loizon, French Barista Champion 2011. Share Tweet PinShares 0

Monin Honey Banner 0

Monin Honey Flavouring Syrup

Another new Monin flavouring syrup has just landed on my desk. Monin Honey Syrup. Now my first thought if to try it out in my morning porridge… should be yummy, but as it’s after...

Monin Cocktail Man 0

Monin Triple Sec

Monin Triple Sec flavouring might have many of you scratching your heads wondering just what the hell it is….. but when I tell you that it is a key ingredient in making wonderful cocktails...

Zuma Fairtrade Chocolate 0

Zuma Fairtrade Chocolate

The Original Zuma Hot Chocolate has been such a great seller we have decided to add a Fairtrade version……makes a  lovely creamy chocolate :) 2kg Hot Chocolate Fairtrade Certified Quick & Easy To Make...

New Product: Zuma Original Hot Chocolate 0

New Product: Zuma Original Hot Chocolate

Just arrived along with a few other new products is this lovely creamy chocolate mix 2kg Hot Chocolate Quick & Easy To Make Resealable Tin You will love the rich creamy taste of this...

New Product: Spiced Chai Powder 0

New Product: Spiced Chai Powder

Need a hug ??? Well we have something that’s even better!!! Have a warm bath, get into your fluffy PJs, stick on a soppy movie and relax with a mug of spiced chai…. 1kg...