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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Recipe

Make the perfect strawberry & banana smoothie with this recipe guide from Simply. The ripe flavours and beautifully rich colour make this drink a great addition to your smoothie bar.

Pumpkin Spice Frappe Recipe

Ditch Pumpkin Spice Latte for a frappuccino. Make the perfect pumpkin spice frappuccino with this simple recipe.

Latte macchiato

Delicious Monin Recipe Inspiration

Delicious recipe ideas for you to try and enjoy from a range of selected Monin syrups. Try a butterscotch iced late or a caramel and popcorn macchiato.

Delicious Rose Syrup

Sweetbird Rose Syrup : Recipe

Sweetbird Rose syrup is fragrant and beautifully pink adding botanical flair to your menus. Enjoy this refreshing Rose Pink Lemonade recipe.

Sweetbird February Flavour Focus

Enjoy the February flavour focus from Sweetbird with a recipe idea for Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe along with a quick YouTube video. 

Monbana Hot Chocolate Banner

Monbana Salon de Thé Hot Chocolate

Monbana Salon de The is a creamy smooth traditional hot chocolate drink containing a minimum of 32% cocoa powder. Quick and easy to make, simply add 200ml hot milk.

New Year Banner Blog Recipe

New Year Cocktails

It’s finally time to put on your party hats and dancing shoes and toast to the beginning of a new year in style. NextDayCoffee are here to ensure you start the New Year off with a bang, we’ve put together a few alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails for you to enjoy at midnight. Add a zing to your celebrations this...

Christmas banner blog recipe

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Delicious home baking idea, perfect for a festive treat with a well deserved cup of coffee. This fantastic recipe will make 12 great christmas tree cupcakes

Drink Me Chai Artisan Spiced Latte

Drink Me Chai Artisan Blend

Drink Me Chai Artisan Blend We all know and love Drink Me Chai. Having a mug of Spiced Chai latte on a cold winter’s evening when you’re wrapped up warm in front of the fire is absolute bliss. The new Artisan Blend is a premium instant blend of natural aromatic spices fused with sweetened black tea creating a delicious chai...


We have moved premises

If you didn’t already know, we have moved. Say hello to our new #CoffeeHQ distribution centre in Coatbridge. While we love our new space. Here are the main motivating factors for our move: Office Space. As the company continued to grow it was obvious that office space was not optimal at our previous address. Our old premises were great when we...

zuma gold dust

Zuma Gold Dust Shaker

Give your drinks an everyday touch of glamour with Chocolate Powder sprinkles. A glittering blend of sugar, cocoa and edible gold powder.

Caffe Roma New Packaging

Caffe Roma Packaging

Caffe Roma Coffee-Great New Look Some of our more regular buyers of Caffe Roma Coffee may have noticed that the foil pack designs have been changing recently. We think the new design looks great and is a massive improvement as the brand continues to develop. It is always a nervous time when making such a large change, as you never know how...

Christmas Tree Latte Art

Christmas Tree Latte Art

The countdown is on. As I type there are still 15 days 11 hrs 40 mins to go until Christmas Day. To get you in the mood here is a nice clip of some Christmas Tree latte art being created. I think everyone should give this a go – looks great. You can click ‘youtube’ on the video to view the...

PG Tips Banner

A Delicious Cuppa with PG Tips Tea Bags

PG Tips Tea. A fantastic tea brand featuring a cheeky little monkey that everyone loves. A few years ago I got one of the little knitted monkeys with a tea order. He sat on my shelf for ages. Just had a look and he’s not there. Think he made a dash for it :( Anyway, let’s get on with the...

Banner Bolero Wafer Biscuits

Bolero Wafer Stick Biscuits

Resealable tin packed with delicious rolled wafer biscuits stuffed with creamy fillings. Ideal to decorate ice cream, or eat as a snack.


Cadbury Fairtrade Chocolate Sprinkler

Chocolate makes everything taste better! right? Yeah, of course, it does ;) Everything. Here at #CoffeeHQ, we love nothing more than a lovely cappuccino. When you get a truly quality cappuccino in a restaurant after a sumptuous meal, it just rounds off the evening. (or afternoon if you have kids, but then you would have chugged down your food, barely...

Owl Coffee

There is an OWL in my coffee

In #CoffeeHQ we just love photography. We are lucky enough to have some really good photography gear in the company that we are allowed to use for personal use. So we got all giddy when our new macro lens arrived (a Canon MP-E 65mm f2.8 1:5x Macro Lens if you’re interested). We have been playing around with it quite a...

Latte Art Pour

Great Latte Art Barista Skills

Love it or hate it, latte art is a demonstration of the skill of a Barista, and any of us who has tried it knows how tricky it can be. I have watched some really skilled barista create a stunning coffee only to get a grumpy comment about how long it look to make their coffee or watch the customer...