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Caffe Roma Coffee – Great New Look

Some of our more regular buyers of the Caffe Roma Coffee may have noticed that the foil pack designs have been changing recently. We think the new design looks great and is a massive improvement as the brand continues to develop.

It is always a nervous time making such a large change as you never know how people will react to it. However, we are delighted to have been receiving such encouraging feedback from customers on the new design.


Need a reminder of what it looked like before ?

Brand New Caffe Roma Foil Bags

The previous bags were a plain black bags with the brand logo printed onto a label on the front of the bags. The individual blends and essential information were thermally printed on the rear of the bags.

In comparison, the new packaging features an all over print. The gold works fantastically well against the matt black finish of the foil. The side panels have further information printed on them and the gold/black colour is reversed.


Caffe Roma Packaging Close Ups


The Caffe Roma logo has also had a design overhaul which we are very pleased with. The new design will look great etched onto glassware or printed onto cups and other marketing materials.

Caffe Roma Coffee Beans 4kg

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4 Responses

  1. Evan says:

    You should remember to keep some of the old packs to look back on ;)
    My last order was a mix of the packs

  2. Shirley Adams says:

    Love the new packs. The gold really pops. Will the filter foils or the pods change ? I got some yesterday and they were the old logo.

    • Nextdaycoffee Garry b says:

      Not sure about the filter packs yet. The logo will update shortly, but they will still be silver. The pods will stay the same as they are, except the logo will change and the outer box will also update.

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