Website & Blog Maintenance

website maintenance

We are improving

Over the past several months we have been planning on improvements we want to make to enhance the user experience of our website. The time has come to start making these changes. We are testing and changing things that hopefully you will not notice happening. On the blog for instance, you may notice some of the menus and pages moving around as you read posts and navigate around.

Little electricianNothing to worry about :S

We are also making changes to our servers and other technical settings which have already had an impact on our web site. We have chopped our page load times by half already and are working to make the website even more zippy to use.

We are installing new SSL certificates to further upgrade the security on the website to keep all your information secure.

All of our product photography will be getting upgraded over the coming months as we improve our product pages and descriptions.

We have a whole host of new products to introduce to the website as well


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