We have moved premises


If you didn’t already know, we have moved. Say hello to our new #CoffeeHQ distribution centre in Coatbridge.

While we love our new space. Here are the main motivating factors for our move:

  1. Office Space. As the company continued to grow it was obvious that office space was not optimal at our previous address. We had 2 main offices, kitchen and toilets which were great when we moved in but began to become a bit of a squeeze as the team grew. The new premises boasted a massive main office and 5 other good sized offices allowing us to organise our departments better. The kitchen and toilets were also considerably larger. We also had a spare room which we use as a locker/boot room for the staff with vending machines.
  2.  Warehouse Space. This was our main priority. We had to utilise our warehousing space better and focus on the workflow in our warehouse. We have added 10 individual packing stations complete with PCs, printers and all the equipment needed to pack up our orders for dispatch. We took the opportunity to purchase new forklifts which work in narrow aisles which allowed us to add in extra racking space. The roof is also much higher than before allowing us to stack up to 5 pallet spaces high.
  3. Location. We retain our central location allowing us fast, easy access to the main motorways.
    This is great for the drivers who bring our deliveries and also for the courier who pick up from us allowing us to give one of the latest cut-off times for next day delivery in the industry.
  4. Ownership. We felt the time was right to invest in premises ourselves, giving us more flexibility and stability as the company continues to grow at a massive rate.

The past few years have been immensely enjoyable and exciting to be part of a great team. We look at the move as the start of a new chapter in our company history.  We are still settling into our new surroundings and adding artwork to our walls and building new furniture. We are also looking to the future and where we are trying to take the company.

We want to thank everyone, from suppliers to customers for everyone’s support throughout the years and with the move. I will add another post with some internal photos in the future giving an insight into what goes on in #CoffeeHQ.

If you are every passing nearby, pop in and visit :)

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