Sugar Free Gourmet Syrups

Can I Buy Sugar-Free Flavoured Syrup?

Yes, you can! You can enjoy your favourite flavour of syrup without the sugar! Does this sound good to you? At you can choose from our selection of sugar-free syrups ideal for any occasion. You can use your syrup to add a little flavour to your favourite coffee or drizzle some sugar-free caramel syrup over your yoghurt or favourite desert. Stuck for ideas? Why not take some inspiration from browsing the selection and reading the syrup product descriptions? 

Why Should I Buy Sugar-Free Flavoured Syrup?

Are you trying to cut down on your calorie consumption? Maybe you're diabetic? Do you want to lose a little weight? Or perhaps you just prefer the flavour without all the sugar? Whatever your reason, you'll be delighted to know that you can enjoy the same great taste and sensory experience as you do with normal flavoured syrups.

How Can I Use Sugar Free Syrup?

Have you used normal flavoured syrup before? Well, you can use your sugar-free syrup in exactly the same way! It depends greatly on what you are consuming. Are you adding your sugar-free syrup to a beverage or to a desert? Or, do you want to add some syrup to a fruit salad? The way you use the syrup will depend on these different factors. 

Can Vegetarians Take Sugar Free Syrup?

Have you been looking for a syrup that's sugar-free and suitable for vegetarians? You can enjoy sugar-free syrup that is suitable for vegetarians at You will discover that we sell a selection of the most popular syrup flavours to suit your taste. 

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