Monin Caramel Sugar Free Syrup (1 Litre)

Monin Caramel Sugar Free Syrup (1 Litre)

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  • 1000ml (1Litre) Monin Flavouring Syrup
  • Sugar Free Product
  • No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives
  • Kosher Certified
  • Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans
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Colour: Dark amber with copper yellow glints.

Tasting Notes: Powerful, deep smell and very specific burnt caramel flavour, sweet candies taste, aftertaste of caramelized sugar.

Application: Coffees, milkshakes, dessert drinks.

Caramel simply means caramelized sugar, traditionally obtained by melting sugar in a sauce pot of water.

The rich flavour and colour of caramel derive from the process of heating and melting the sugar. Caramel is appreciated as the main flavour and is also used in harmony with other flavours.

MONIN Caramel Sugar Free is made with sucralose which is a no-calorie sweetener. Sucralose is derived directly from sugar: it offers a sweet sensation without the usual metallic aftertaste that you experience with other sweeteners.

This product has been tested and approved since 1991. It is proven to be perfectly safe for all (children, pregnant women, diabetics). Indulge yourself with the sweet flavourful sensation of caramel… guilt free!

Monin Suger Free Caramel Flavouring Syrup allows you to create great tasting beverages and desserts. Monin Suger Free Caramel Flavouring Syrup is highly versatile making it perfect in hot beverages, milkshakes, smoothies and all kinds of desserts.

Monin caramel syrup fits perfectly with fruit flavours such as with Monin Apple or Pear in coffee applications. One of my favourite uses is to combine it with Monin Lemon Pie syrup for a perfectly balanced milkshake. Alexandre LAPIERRE

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