Freddie's Farm Fruit Shapes - Blueberry (16 x 20g) Freddie's Farm Fruit Shapes - Blueberry (16 x 20g) Freddie's Farm Fruit Shapes - Blueberry (16 x 20g)
Freddies Farm Blueberry

Freddie's Farm Fruit Shapes - Blueberry (16 x 20g)

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Suitable for Vegans

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Our snacks only contain natural sugars found in fruit and veg. Because they’ve not been boiled, cooked, or baked like other snacks, there is a slower rate of sugar absorption.

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Product specification

Barcode: 5060213780320
Brand: Freddies Farm
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Case size: 16 x 20g bags
Product weight: 20g net (per bag)
Ingredients: Our beautiful blueberry variety contains ripe delicious apple, bountiful blueberry and a mesmerising mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach.
Compostable: Yes. Plastic-free packaging
Recyclable: Yes.
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Gluten Free: Yes

Nutritional Info

Freddie's Farm Fruit Shapes - Blueberry (16 x 20g)

per 100g
Energy 941 kJ / 220 kcal
Total fat 0.5g
Saturated fats 0.1g
Total Carbohydrate 50.0g
Sugars 42.9g
Protein 1.4g
Salt 0.0g

Key product features

  • 16 x 20g Fruit Shapes - Blueberry 
  • Grown in the UK
  • 100% Plant-based snack
  • 100% Plastic-free packaging
  • Vegan Friendly

Our healthy snacks are suitable from 9 months, they are soft and easily chewed (or gummed). Our kid’s snacks are all made on Freddie’s Farm by us using a patented process! Low free sugars – so no sugar highs and crashes!

Our packets are 100% plastic free – they are made of paper, and the boxes are cardboard. You can simply recycle them with your paper recycling. As easy as that. While paper packets might not seem that revolutionary, we are the FIRST and ONLY kid’s snack to have 100% plastic free packaging. While other leading brands might seem to have paper packets, they are actually lined with plastic. Sneaky.

Not Baked! Importantly we would never ever bake our products. We don’t want sugar highs and crashes and that’s why we dehydrate. Once our fruit and vegetables have been washed, sorted then simply grated (making sure to sieve out the pips and stalks), we put them into our dehydrator where warm air is blown over them for hours and hours.

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