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Water In A Box - Pure Spring (12 x 330ml)

  • British spring water
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Carbon-neutral
£6.49 +VAT
(£7.79 inc VAT)

British natural spring water packed in carbon-neutral sustainable packaging

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Key product features

  • 12 x 330ml Water cartons
  • Unflavoured natural spring water
  • A great alternative to bottled water 
  • Carbon-neutral sustainable packaging

Great tasting British water packed in sustainable cartons, made solely of responsibly-sourced, renewable or recycled materials, which are fully recyclable and carbon-neutral.

Water in a Box comes from a simple idea; re-package British spring water into something that’s better for the environment, better for our health and accessible to everyone. Created with the aim of encouraging people to change their habits when buying packaged spring water and to opt for cardboard instead.

The carbon footprint of the packaging is significantly lower than that of a PET bottle, glass or aluminium cans, and the cap is made from a biopolymer derived from sugarcane.

The natural spring water is sourced from underground springs in the Mendip Hills, Somerset flowing directly into the packing site.

The cartons are packaged in a recyclable outer box, which is paper-based and made from low carbon, lightweight, naturally renewable materials that are sourced responsibly.

Better Water for a Better World.

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