Techfood Bubble Stick Waffle Maker Techfood Bubble Stick Waffle Maker Techfood Bubble Stick Waffle Maker Techfood Bubble Stick Waffle Maker

Techfood Bubble Stick Waffle Maker

  • No food waste
  • Sturdy, premium build quality
  • Used by professionals
  • Non-stick Teflon coating

£1,149.00 +VAT
(£1,378.80 inc VAT)

Premium Bubble Stick Waffle Machine which is easy to use. Make savoury or sweet delicious waffles in seconds...

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Product specification

Brand: Techfood
Material: AISI 304 stainless steel
Product weight: 14.5kg
Product dimensions: 503mm (depth) 465.5mm (width) 730mm (height)
Country of origin: Italy

Key product features

  • Sturdy and Premium Quality, Built to Last
  • No Food Waste
  • Used and Trusted By Professionals
  • Non-Stick, Self-Cleaning Teflon Coating

Our Bubble Stick Waffle Machine allows you to create tasty bubble waffles with ease which features a self-cleaning, non-stick plate. Expand your breakfast, lunch or dinner menu with the Bubble Stick Waffle Machine.

The machine does not require an extraction hood or a filtering system which means that this is easy to place in any area of your business.

The Bubble Stick Waffle Machine is easy to use, simply separate the two non-stick Teflon plates, add your bubble waffle mix and close the upper plate. The digital and audible timer will keep you informed of the time left for cooking. Once it's done you'll have 6 wonderfully golden and delicious bubble waffle sticks ready to be garnished.

Browse our range of easy-to-make waffle mixes which only require the addition of water, mixed and added to this machine.

This machine is supplied with the following accessories: Ladel, Jug, Whisk, Spatula, Display, Wooden Skewers and Takeaway Containers.

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