Stainless Steel Ice Tongs (7")

Stainless Steel Ice Tongs (7")

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • 18cm (7")
  • Provide a great grip for ice

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(£2.39 inc VAT)
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Product specification

Brand: Not Specified
Material: Stainless Steel
Product weight: 0.033kg
Product dimensions: 19cm(L) x 2.2cm(W) x 2cm(H)
Colour: Silver

Key product features

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • 18cm (7") in size
  • Provide a great grip for quickly grabbing ice
  • Provide a hygienic way to grab ice

These stainless steel ice tongs are perfect for any bartender or at a party/event when needing to quickly add ice to drinks.

They make adding ice so much easier thanks to the fantastic grip provided on the tongs.

The ice tongs are sure to last due to the sturdy design and stainless steel that these are made from.


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