Krampouz Round Crepe Spreader (18cm)

  • 18cm wooden round spreader
  • Made from beechwood
  • Compatible with 35cm or 40cm griddle
  • Beginner friendly

£2.99 +VAT
(£3.59 inc VAT)

Easily make an even Crepe with one simple circular motion with our Round Crepe Spreader!

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Product specification

Barcode: 3563880008001
Brand: Krampouz
Material: Beech Wood
Product weight: 40g
Product dimensions: 18cm

Key product features

  • 18cm Round Spreader - Suitable for 35cm Machine
  • Lightweight and Comfortable to Use
  • Premium and Durable Finish
  • Made from Beech Wood

Our Wooden Round Crepe Spreader (18cm) is a must-have for anyone making crepes with a 35cm or 40cm Crepe Machine. The round wooden spreader is beginner-friendly and is great for making thin, round crepes.

We would advise washing the round crepe spreader with clean water before the very first use, and then after each use.

Fixing the handle to the spreader is simple! Assemble both parts and leave them to soak before first use. The water will soak into both parts and join them together.

Between making each crepe, put the crepe spreader into a water tray and frequently remove any batter residue from the flat end to ensure a clean spreader.

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