Puly Bar Igienic Cleaning Spray (1 Litre)

Puly Bar Igienic Cleaning Spray (1 Litre)

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  • 1 Litre x Puly Bar Igienic Cleaning Spray
  • Especially designed for the coffee and espresso industry
  • Cleans and disinfects all coffee, espresso equipment including coffee grinders
  • Easy to use with no foaming
  • Fast and effective, no mess or waste, no rinsing

Bar Igienic Cleaning Spray is suitable for spray cleaning stainless steel, lacquered or painted equipment and surfaces (including espresso machine housing, coffee grinder hopper interior, slicers, chopping boards and knives, work surfaces, refrigerated cabinets, sinks and washbasins, glassware trolleys, glass, mirrors and window frames, kitchen aspiration hoods, etc).

The cleaning spray leaves behind no residue or smell and is non-foaming. No additional rinsing is required. The spray is non-flammable.

when cleaning electrical appliances, unplug the equipment first. First use a scraper or clean rag to remove any solid residues then spray the product on undiluted, distributing it evenly. Do not spray on naked flames or directly on power sockets (where applicable, unplug equipment first). The product goes to work quickly with a professional cleaning and sanitizing action. Leaves no smell. Non foaming. No rinsing required.

Can be used whenever needed. At the very least at the end of the day, after each work cycle.

Keep out of the reach of children. Irritating to eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse truly with plenty of water. NON-flammable for caution keep away from flames and sparks. In case of fire, use chemical foam, do not use water. Do not spray directly on power sockets. When cleaning electrical appliances, unplug the equipment first.

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