Coffee Thermometers

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Milk Frothing Thermometers

Our Barista milk frothing thermometers are a must for coffee lovers, the thermometers are available in two sizes and simply clip on to the side of the milk frothing jug.

How Does the Thermometer Work?

Are you worried it'll be complicated? Well, you'll be happy to know that it's easy! The indicator on the front of the milk thermometer will let you easily see when the milk has reached its correct temperature. You can also read the temperature dials in both centigrade and fahrenheit and you can check the temperature of both milk and food.

Will my thermometer get to me unharmed? When purchased the milk frothing thermometers are sold in protective packaging to protect the thermometer.

What Other Types of Thermometers Can I Buy?

Also in our range you can a liquid crystal thermometer or Frothometer, which have an adhesive back and stick on to the side of your milk frothing jug, meaning you will be able to always check the temeperature of any liquid in the jug at any time. Colour indicaters on the thermometor will highlight when the milk has reached its correct temperature.

These Frothometers are dish washer safe and can be used over and over again.

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