Milk Frother Jugs

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Milk Frothing Pitchers

What are the main benefits of buying from Next Day Coffee? Well, you should know that as a UK supplier to the catering trade we stock a great range of milk frothing foaming jugs and milk frother pitchers. You will also enjoy our fantastic prices that represent great value for money! 

Do You Sell Milk Foaming Jugs in a Variety of Sizes? 

What are you using your milk foaming jug for? Depending on your need we stock the milk foaming jugs in a range of four sizes, 600ml 1000ml, 1500ml and 2000ml. You choose what size you need!

Do You Stock  Stainless Stell Milk Pitchers?

Do you like products that are easy to use and make life easier? Well, good news. These milk foaming pitchers are made from stainless steel and not only look good and are easy to wipe clean and maintain their smooth finish, but are great in making the perfect cappuccino and latte drinks.

What Other Milk Frothing Accessories Can I Buy?

As well as our range of milk foaming pitchers, you can choose from a range of milk frothing spatulas which are available in two sizes. You'll love the fact that these milk foaming spatulas are designed with a flat blade and stainless steel handles. These spatulas make a great accessory and are used in cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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