Coffee Beans (Single Bags)


Single Bags of Coffee Beans

Enjoy single bags of gourmet coffee beans from a wide variety of flavoured coffee and blends. Our premium coffee beans are perfect for offering a subtle balance of finesse, strength and body to the flavour. And why not buy one of our wonderful Sweetbird syrups to enhance your coffee?

We offer single bags of freshly roasted coffee beans from across the world - a lively espresso from southern Italy, a Mediterranean blend with superior crema and single origin coffee beans from Kenya or Costa Rica. We offer coffee beans from many fantastic brands such as Cafédirect, Pitti Caffe, Caffe Roma, Lavazza and Nairobi.

You can choose from our dark, smooth, creamy or chocolatey aromas with many of our coffee beans which are also available as Fairtrade or decaffeinated options.

All of our single bags of coffee beans are available to purchase at fantastic prices. You can also purchase cases of the finest quality coffee beans from the top selling brands!

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