Mentos Mints Individually Wrapped (700)

Mentos Mints Individually Wrapped (700)

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  • 700 Mentos Chewy Dragée
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Natural Flavours
  • Natural Colours

Mentos individually wrapped mints. Enjoy the cool mint flavour with great taste and total breath freshness.

Once you have bitten through the crunchy shell of a chewy Mentos you are rewarded with the sweet sensation of a soft and chewy centre. The combination of crunchy and soft is unique and occurs because Mentos are made of several layers: chewy centre, crunchy layer and fresh coating. The transition from crunchy to soft is world renowned and is enjoyed by millions of Mentos fans all around the globe.

These mints are perfect for use in any reception area or serving with an after-dinner coffee.

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