Cafe Direct Espresso Vivo Nespresso Capsules (10)

Cafe Direct Espresso Vivo Nespresso Capsules (10)

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  • 10 x Nespresso Compatible Pod (Espresso Vivo)
  • Intensity (9/10)
  • Suitable for Ristretto (25ml/0.85oz)
  • Also Suitable for Espresso (40ml/1.35oz)
  • Suitable for Lungo (110ml/3.75oz)
  • Fairtrade Certified

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pod Capsules by Cafe Direct - Espresso Vivo.

A spirited little number, Vivo is our intensity 9 Espresso. Vivo means ‘Alive’ in Spanish, so named because of its lively character, intense but with a smooth, creamy finish – proof that opposites attract! Vivo can be served as a short or long coffee.

A pod full of taste, Espresso Vivo is Intensity 9. Dark and intense

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