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Nairobi Coffee Beans

Are you looking for the perfect cup of coffee? If so, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma of Nairobi coffee beans.

The emphasis of Nairobi coffee beans is based on quality - made from some of the finest coffee beans throughout the world.

Nairobi coffee also sell a range of Fairtrade coffee which is a premium dark roasted coffee bean and the perfect base to making an espresso cappuccino coffee. The Nairobi Parula Fairtrade Coffee Beans are found in Central and Southern America which enjoys the shade provided by coffee plantations.

Other coffees from the Nairobi range include the Nairobi Colombian Coffee Beans 100% Arabica, this is deliciously smooth and full-bodied with a perfectly balanced aftertaste, sold in 1-kilo packs. Also, Nairobi Premium Decaffeinated coffee beans are perfect for those who want to enjoy all the flavour of coffee without the caffeine.

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