Hario Coffee Accessories

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Hario V60 Filter Papers

Hario are the makers of the Hario V60 coffee filter papers and drippers, these filter papers are disposable enabling you to use a fresh filter paper with every cup of coffee.

How Do I Use Hario Filter Papers?

The filter paper should be rinsed through before use in order to flush the filter paper as well as pre-heat the brewer.  The Hario V60 filter papers can be bought in packs of 40 or packs of 100.

What's the Hario Coffee Dripper?

The Hario V60 drip brewer is a simple, delicious method of brewing coffee. The innovative Hario design has a large hole at the bottom, spiral ribs on the inside of the dripper and a fairly steep side wall. The control that these elements allow when brewing coffee will help in producing a great cup of pour over coffee.

As well as coffee drippers, Hario also stock a range of glass coffee servers and coffee decanters in a range of sizes, for you to choose from.


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