Fairtrade Products

£9.62 per kilo
£9.49 per kilo
£14.94 per kilo
£13.00 per kilo
£8.75 per kilo

Fairtrade Tea and Coffee

Fairtrade is an organisation which aims to help disadvantaged producers and consumers, they have changed the way trade is managed and have made a difference to the lives of those living and working in deveoping countries.

Our wide range of Fairtrade tea and Fairtrade coffee from top selling brands such as CafeDirect and Clipper are available in a selection of various flavours for you to choose from including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Blackcurrant and Acai or, decaffeinated ground coffee, medium roast, columbia and kilimanjaro.

At NextDayCoffee we also stock a range of Fairtrade hot chocolate from brands such as Cadbury and Zuma. Enjoy the luxurious and creamy taste of cocoa!

Choose Fairtrade and choose to make a diiference!

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