Drink Me Chai Latte

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Drink Me Chai

Does a wonderfully sweet, exotic blend of various spices, tea and skimmed milk sound tasty to you? A unique hot drink based on the original latte drinks that were invented over 5000 years ago in India!

Good news, all Drink Me Chai products are 99% caffeine free and are filled with all of the antioxidant benefits of regular tea.

At NextDayCoffee the range of Drink Me Chai latte's we have to offer include popular flavours like vanilla, chocolate, mango and Green tea. Drink Me Chai lattes are so easy to make, just add 2 teaspoons of your chosen Drink Me Chai flavour and simply add water or for a more creamy taste add half milk and half water.

If you want to try a new Drink Me Chai spiced latte then we sell the range in tins of 250 grams as well as 1 kilo tins, perfect for you to stock up on your favorite drink.

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