Choc-O-Lait Belgium Hot Chocolate

Choc-O-Lait Luxury Hot Chocolate

Choc-o-lait, sheer chocolate heaven on a stick! A truly Belgian delight the perfect creation for all those out there who love real hot chocolate, was created in early 2004. As with most great ideas, the concept is simplicity itself a wooden stick with a block of real Choc-O-Lait Belgian chocolate on the end.

How easy is delicious Chocolate Dip on a Stick?

Simply stir the chocolate dip for a minute in a mug of hot milk (80°C) and there you have it – the tastiest hot chocolate you could ever wish for.

Are there a range of different hot chocolates? 

Choose from a fabulous range of flavours from Choc-O-Lait, and enjoy the wonderful luxurious hot drink at any time of the day.

The Choc-O-Lait dips on a stick are all individually wrapped and are ideal for coffee houses and cafes, and can be bought individually or you can make great savings when you buy our bulk packs of 24 Choc-O-Lait dips at one time.







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