Cadbury Drinking Chocolate & Chocolate Sprinkler

Cadbury Luxury Hot Drinking Chocolate

Are you someone who loves the delicious taste of hot drinking chocolate? Well, if you are, then we know that you will love the creamy taste of Cadbury luxury hot drinking chocolate. We can all enjoy a cup of tea or coffee but sometimes we just want another hot beverage, so why not indulge and spoil yourself with a delicious drink of hot chocolate.

How do you make the perfect cup of Hot Chocolate?

It's so simple to make, and the perfect drink no matter what time of the day, all you have to do is add two or three spoonfuls of chocolate drinking powder into a cup or mug and add hot milk for a smooth, rich and creamy taste, delicious!

Cadbury instant hot chocolate, tastes so good and so popular it is sold and used in cafes & restaurants around the world and now Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is Fairtrade certified.

Or, do you like to sprinkle chocolate over your drinks or desserts?

If you love the taste of Cadburys chocolate,  you can enjoy it even more, as with Cadbury sprinkler, you can add chocolate sprinkles to the top of your cappuccinos or lattes giving them a great chocolatey taste, as well as sprinkle the chocolate over the top of cakes and desserts, perfect!

If you would like to try these chocolate sprinkles then you can buy a single drum of the Cadbury Fairtrade Chocolate Sprinkler or if you run a busy cafe or coffee house, you may prefer to buy a multi pack of 6 tubs of 125 grams, which means you can keep a close eye on your stock.



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