Bravilor Coffee Machines

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Bravilor Filter Coffee Machines

The Bravilor filter coffee machines are the ideal coffee machine for any coffee house, restaurant, office or anywhere where you can offer a complimentary cup of coffee.

Do you want a coffee machine that makes delicious coffees every time with no effort?

These coffee machines are simple and easy to use simply plug in and use anywhere, fill the decanter to the required level and the Bravilor coffee machine has self-regulating hot plates keeping your coffee at the correct temperature.

Looking for a value for money coffee machine?

Our range includes a number of filter coffee machines and the Bravilor Novo 2 filter coffee machine starter kit, is a great coffee machine and great value for money, and includes 2 replacement glass decanter jugs, 2 hotplates, filter papers as well as milk portions and sugar sachets. Everything you need to get you started and on the way to making delicious coffee.

Would you like some coffee?

To choose your filter coffee for your Bravilor coffee machine why not take a look at the full range of our ground filter coffee on offer, and choose the coffee that suits you!

Other items available to buy in the Bravilor range include individual glass decanters which are perfect as a replacement decanter and we stock a shatterproof glass decanter with a stainless steel base, which is a great replacement if you have broken your last one.




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