12 Inch Circle Embossed Pizza Liner (250)

  • 12" Pizza Liners
  • Keeps pizza tasting fresh
  • Absorbs grease
  • Retains pizza temperature

£27.99 +VAT
(£33.59 inc VAT)

These liners ventilate and absorb grease which keeps your customer's pizza extra fresh and tasty!

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Product specification

Brand: Not Specified
Case size: 250 liners
Product dimensions: 12"
Country of origin: USA

Key product features

  • x250 12" Circular Pizza Liners
  • Will Keep Customers Pizza Tasting Fresh
  • Absorbs Grease and Excess Moisture
  • Keeps Pizza 7 to 8°C Warmer on Delivery

Our 12" Circular Pizza Liners are essential for any takeaway pizza! They'll keep your customer's pizza that extra bit warmer on delivery (roughly 7 to 8°C) compared to being placed on a regular cardboard surface.

The Pizza Liners are also fantastic for absorbing grease and any excess moisture making the pizza more fresh and crispy and tasting like it's straight out of the oven! It stabilises the pizza in the box making it easier to handle and gives it a nicer presentation when opened.

Compared to regular corrugated liners and circles our Circular Pizza Liners take up less space, allowing for a tidier and organised workplace.

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