String & Tag Tea

What are String and Tag Teabags?

Are you wondering what's different about string & tag tea bags? There's really little difference at all. The name related to the packaging and this kind of tea bag is to make it more convenient and hygenic for you to enjoy your tea. The string and tag is so that you can remove the tea bag from the hot water by simply pulling the string. 

Why Should I buy String and Tag Teabags?

You should use strong and tag teabags if you like the ease and convenience of being able to remove the bag from the hot water without having to use a tea spoon. This makes it easier if you are hosting a gathering, such as a business meeting for example, and your guests can make their tea and remove the tea bag with little fuss. 

Does String and Tag Tea Taste Different?

There is no difference in the actual tea that you get with string and tag tea. You can still enjoy the same great taste from the same well loved tea brands. The only difference is simply the packaging. 

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