Loose Leaf Tea

Are You Looking for Loose Tea?

Do you love tea? If you are a true lover of fine teas then you will be in need of some loose tea. Whether you're an experienced tea drinker or new to experimenting with loose leaf tea, you are sure to enjoy the great taste and sensory experience that comes with consuming loose leaf tea. 

What is Loose Leaf Tea?

Are you wondering what is meant by loose leaf tea? Loose leaf tea is the original way tea used to be consumed before the convenience of selling tea in packages such as tea bags became the norm. Now, preparing tea the good old fashioned way is increasing in popularity, and is opening up the market of teas allowing you to experiment with different flavours and varieties.

How Do You Make Loose Leaf Tea?

Making your perfect cup of tea using loose leaf tea will require a little bit more dexterity and patience on your part. It involves packing the loose leaf tea in to the top of the tea pot before adding hot water. Most loose leaf tea will take around 4 minutes to reach optimum flavour. 

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