Envelope Tea

What is Envelope Tea?

Are you hosting an event for people who will want a cup of tea? Do you work in an office where a large number of people enjoy a good cup of tea? Well, if so, envelope tea could be the best option for you. For example, if you are hosting a corporate event, let's say a business conference/meeting with a large number of people and there's an afternoon break. The chances are those attending will fancy a hot beverage during the interval, and what's better than a refreshing cup of tea? 

What's the Difference Between Envelope Tea and Normal Tea?

So, you may be thinking, does envelope tea taste different from other types of tea? The answer is NO, tea in an envelope is just the same tea as you'll find in a tea bag or in another form. The only difference is the fact it is packaged in an envelope to make it more hygenic and convenient for you and your guests. 

Why Buy Envelope Tea?

Are you a bed and breakfast owner wanting to provide tea to guests in their room? Are you hosting a meeting of people and providing catering? The main reason to buy envelope to is it is more appropriate for use among a larger than normal number of people in a communal way. In appearance, it looks more appropriate. It is more hygenic in a public environment. It also makes it more convenien for people to carry their chosen tea. 

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