Catering Tea


Are you expecting lots of thirsty guests?

There's really few hot beverages better for a gathering, be it business or pleasure than a good cup of tea. What's more, if you're having to satisfy a large number of thirsty guests, tea is your ideal solution to provide a comforting, welcoming beverage that has an air of ceremony, or ritual that other beverages hot and cold (perhaps excluding champagne!) don't have.

What Catring Tea Should You Get?

The tea you choose depends on the context of your situation. For example, if you need tea for a corporate event, such as the break during a business conference/presentation, then why don't you go for something simple and crowd pleasing but well respected like Bewleys afternoon teabags. If you're providing breakfast, then naturally you'd be good to go with Twinings English Breakfast Tea. If you need to provide for a posher crowd, or for visitors who are staying the night, why don't you try James Aimer Roomservice Envelope Tea? 

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