Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles of Flavoured Syrup

Do you prefer glass bottles to plastic? Do you appreciate the aesthetic of a glass bottle of your favourite syrup to other materials? Whatever your reason for choosing to go glass, you'll see that you can enjoy a wide variety of flavoured syrup types, all available to buy in glass bottles today.

What's Different About Syrup in a Glass Bottle? 

While there's certainly no difference in flavour, there is the aesthetic appeal of a glass bottle. Are you catering to guests or giving someone syrup as a gift? If this is the case, then it makes sense that you'd prefer to buy the flavoured syrup in a glass bottle. Glass bottles are classic, nostalgic and can create an impression of greater quality and luxury.

What Flavours of Syrup are There?

What flavours do you like? You can choose from the wide range of syrup types and flavours and find the one that does it for you! Do you like sweetness? If so, you're in luck, try some of the fantastic syrups available in chocolate, caramel and butterscotch flavours. You can really add that intense, indulgent, luxurious taste to your beverages, deserts and cocktails!

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