Mini-sized Gourmet Syrups

Looking for Mini-Sized Gourmet Syrups?

Have you been searching for your favourite flavoured syrups in mini sizes? Well, if you've been wondering, "Where can I get my favourite syrup in a smaller size?" you've found the right place. You can choose from our wide and varied selection of gourmet syrups. 

What Mini Sized Syrups Can I Buy?

Are you worried that you won't find the same selection in the miniature size? Well, fear not, you can still enjoy a great selection of your favourite syrups in the smaller size. Do you like amaretto syrups? Are you fond of caramel syrup? If so, you'll be delighted to know that you can still enjoy these great classic flavours in mini size!

Why Should I Buy a Mini Sized Syrup?

There's plenty reasons why you could want a mini sized portion of syrup. Are you thinking of a gift idea for someone? Buying a friend a mini-sized syrup could be a great gift idea, either for their birthday or for Christmas. Do you like to sample products? You can buy a wide selection of syrups in the miniature size and take the opportunity to sample a wider variety of syrup flavours. Have you experimented with new syrups? You could take this opportunity to experiment with flavours you've never tried before by purchasing them in their miniature form!

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