Flavouring Syrups (Classic)

Flavoured Syrups for Coffee and Beverages

Are you thinking, where can I view a wide selection of all the best coffee syrups in one place? If so, you are definitely at the right place! You can choose from the huge range of delicious flavours of coffee syrups on this page. Are you a coffee lover who likes to add additional sweetness to your coffee or beverage?

What Are the Best Brands of Coffee Syrup?

What coffee syrup should you go for? With so much choice it's sometimes difficult to decide which syrup to go for! Our range includes top quality syrups from Sweetbird, Monin and Philbert Routin 1883

Where Can I Buy Sugar-Free Flavoured Syrups?

Are you on a diet, or just wanting to cut down on your sugar intake? Well, fear not, it's possible to enjoy your favourite flavoured syrups without the usual levels of sugar. You will see that our range of syrups also includes a variety of sugar-free flavoured syrups, perfect if you want to enjoy the taste without adding the calories!

Can You Recommend a Flavoured Syrup?

Are you experimenting with a new flavour of syrup? Do you want to try something different? With so many different types of flavoured syrup on offer, it can be difficult to decide which syrup to go for. Everyone is different, so it can be tricky suggesting a syrup flavour for you to buy. Having said that, why don't you experiment with the Monin Maple Spice Syrup

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