Coffee Toppings and Sprinkles

Why not make your favourite hot beverage even tastier by adding some exciting toppings and sprinkles? We offer a wide range of toppings for you to choose from. Our toppings are perfect for sprinkling on the top of coffee, chocolate and other hot beverages. 

What Brands of Toppings and Sprinkles Can I Buy?

Do you want to be able to choose from the best known and most popular brands around? You'll see that our luxury beverage toppings are provided by fantastic brands such as Poldermill and Suchard. We offer an extensive range of styles and flavours of beverage toppings such as chocolate flakes and shavings, ground cinnamon sprinkles and mini marshmallows.

Can I Buy Sprinkles and Toppings in Bulk?

Do you need to cater a large number of customers? Or, are you just a big fan of toppings and require a large amount for personal use? Whatever your needs, you should know that our toppings are available in large quantities perfect for use in restaurants, cafes and hotels and anywhere that likes to some extra luxury to their beverages. You'll find that our toppings are always available at the best possible prices! So, what are you waiting for? Get sprinkling your desired topping on your favourite beverage now! 

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