Frappe Mixes

Looking for Iced Frappe Mixes?

Are you wondering, "what is frappe and how do I make it?". You can make the perfect frappe every time it’s so easy just add a scoop of your frappe mix and blend with ice milk and even add espresso. You can therefore enjoy the taste of your favourite coffee, a frappucino from the comfort of your own home, or at the office. Wherever you choose to make your frappucino, you can enjoy it as though you were at a cafe.

Are Frappe Mixes Healthier?

Are you concerned with eating and drinking healthily? You'll be happy to learn that the range of Zuma frappe mixes on offer have no unhealthy hydrogenated fats and no preservatives. So, if you like to take care of yourself, drinking frappe mix is a good option and is far healthier than many other hot beverages.  

Is Frappe Mix Suitable for Vegetarians?

Are you a vegetarian? You will be relieved to know that frappe mix is infact approved by the vegetarian society. This means you can enjoy the great taste and convenience of frappe mix, that allows you to bring the cafe quality experience of coffee to your home or your office. 

What Flavours of Frappe Mix are Avaible?

Do you like to have a variety of choice when it comes to flavour? You can choose from the great range of frappe mixes with a fantastic selection of delicious flavours for you to choose from, including vanilla, sticky toffee, caffe, chocolate and mocha.These iced frappe drinks make the perfect cold drinks to have on hot summer days and ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants and coffee houses.



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