Routin Gourmet Sauce - Chocolate Hazelnut (500ml)

Routin Gourmet Sauce - Chocolate Hazelnut (500ml)

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  • 500ml Routin Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce (16.9 floz)
  • Approx 16 servings per bottle (30ml servings)
  • Easy to use squeeze bottle
  • Conical Easy-cut spout for portion control
  • Features Lid attachment to keep sauce fresh

This delicious sauce from Philibert Routin 1883 comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle with a conical spout for easy control of the sauce. There is a lid attachment which can easily be replaced to keep the sauce fresh.

Discover 1883 de Philipbert Routin sauces. Made with the finest ingredients, the 1883 sauces deliver an authentic taste. Its rich, thick texture brings an incredible smoothness to all your beverages.

The 1883 sauces are also great as a dessert or beverage toppings. Experiment with the 1883 sauces and create amazing lattes, delicious mochas or unique milkshakes...

Sauce Colour
: Dark Brown

Nose: The attractive praline note of hazelnut chocolate

Palate: A rich aromatic profile. It expresses the power of the cocoa, hints at touches of caramel, and very clearly delineates the taste of the hazelnuts.


Non-alcoholic Use:

  • milk (hot or cold)
  • coffee (hot or cold)
  • milkshake
  • muffin
  • smoothie
  • tea

This high quality gourmet sauce gives added flavour and texture to your drinks and desserts.

A range specially conceived for flavouring coffees and other hot drinks.

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