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Milk Frothing Jugs and Coffee Decanters

What kind of milk frother do you need? We stock a range of Barista milk frothing pitchers in various sizes from 600ml, 1000ml 1500ml and 2000ml, so we are sure to have the perfect milk pitcher for you.

Why Don't You Try the Stainless Steel Milk Pitchers?

These stainless steel milk pitchers are perfect for you if you're in the trade and ideal for use in cafes, hotels and coffee houses. The stainless steel finish not only makes the coffee milk foaming jug look good but makes them easy to clean and keep a smooth polished finish.

The milk frothing pitchers are fantastic milk foaming jugs helping to make the perfect lattes and cappuccinos.

Have You Considered a Glass Milk Pitcher?

As well as the milk pitchers we stock replacement glass coffee decanters with easy to hold plastic handles and top.  These glass coffee decanters  hold approx 1.7 litres and are at low prices making great value for money.

Do You Need a Shatterproof Decanter?

Or you may prefer to purchase a shatterproof coffee decanter? It has a glass top and a stainless steel bottom, gives you the piece of mind of knowing it won't shatter, also, it holds a capacity of  around 3 pint, making it ideal for offices meetings or general home use.

As a leading wholesale provider to cafes and restaurants, all of our coffee jugs are in stock and are great value for money.

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