Spoons & Stirrers

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Spoons and Stirrers

Let's be honest. To most people, shopping for spoons and stirrers is not one of the more exciting purchases you can make. But, if you're like us, you're fanatical about coffee making and drinking and your passion for making the perfect cup of coffee means you can't use just any tool to stir. You need a high quality, specially designer spoon and stirrer for you coffee!

What Kind of Spoons Can I Buy?

You can choose from the varied selection available. You can buy scoops to ensure you get the correct portion of sugar or coffee or whatever powder you are using to brew the perfect cuppa. the benefit of using a scoop or a portion size spoon is you make your coffee go further by not using too much. You can also maintain consistency and accuracy in the coffees that you make!

Do You Need to Stir Your Drink?

Do you, or your customers need something to stir your drinks with? You can choose from our selection of wooden drinks stirrers. Are you catering to many people in a self-service environment, or providing table service at a posh hotel? The decision on what kind of stirrer to go for will depend on who you are catering to. You should also take in to account whether you choose the longer length wooden stirrer, perhaps for larger portion coffees?

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