Puly Caffe Cleaning Tablets - Large (2.5g x 60 tablets)

Puly Caffe Cleaning Tablets - Large (2.5g x 60 tablets)

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  • 60 x 2.5g Tablets
  • Measured Dose Minimises Waste
  • Biodegradable Product

These 2.5g Puly Caff cleaning tablets are perfect for use in any commercial bean to cup or espresso machines. Half a tablet is sufficient for smaller machines.

Each tablet contains a convenient measured dose - ideal for your equipment. The special detergent ensures perfect cleaning and hygiene every time and is 90% biodegradable.

Puly Caff cleaning tablets - heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning power and very easy to use! Please read your coffee machine manufacturer's recommended instructions before use.

Puly Caffe Cleaning Tablets are the perfect cleaning supply for professional baristas. Puly Caffe Cleaning Tablets maintain your machine helping it live longer and stay pristine clean. Puly Caffe Cleaning Tablets are also a great choice for hotels, cafes and restaurants

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