Classic Cappuccino Frothing Thermometer

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  • Cappuccino Milk Frothing Thermometer
  • Fahrenheit Range: 120F - 180F
  • Stem Approx 5" Length
  • Adjustable Clip Attachment
  • Sealed Dial Prevents Fogging

The Classic Cappuccino Frothing Thermometer by Taylor features easy-to-read graphics and a sealed dial which prevents fogging. The face of the dial is marked between 120F and 180F and has the ideal frothing temperature clearly marked.

Simply clip the thermometer to the side of the frothing jug, ensuring at least 2" of the sleeve is immersed into the milk. The thermometer stem length can be easily adjusted by sliding the clip up or down the stem.


How Do I Use My Thermometer?

  1. Clip the thermometer to the side of your frothing pitcher.
  2. Adjust the clip so at least 2" of the stem is immersed into the milk.
  3. Steam the milk until the thermometer reaches the indicated prime temperature. (Steaming above this will scald the milk)


How Do I Clean My thermometer?

Your thermometer is stainless steel and plastic. Never immerse the thermometer in water. You can clean the stem with hot, soapy water and wipe the head with a damp cloth. The thermometer is not dishwasher safe.

Since 1851 Taylor has created accurate, easy to use thermometers. Using a thermometer will aid you in creating the perfect cappuccino and latte.  

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