Disposable Paper Cups 9oz and 10oz

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Disposable Drink Cups 9oz and 10oz

Our takeaway paper disposable cups are available in both 9oz and 10oz sizes. These paper cups are insulated and perfect for hot beverages.

You can buy the Lavazza coffee branded paper cup as well as printed designs on our paper cups, or you can purchase a plain white foam insulated coffee cup.

Why should I Buy My 9z and 10oz Cups From You?

As a leading supplier to the UK catering industry, you benefit from our disposable 9oz and 10oz paper cups at great low prices and that are all in stock ready for you to order today. You will also notice that our range of paper coffee and drink cups have disposable plastic lids to protect you and your customers from any spillages! 

How Many Paper Cups Are In a Pack?

You will need to firstly decide how many cups you will need. Are you catering to a one off event? Or, are you a full time coffee shop owner? If you're lucky enough to be serving a large number of customers each month, week or day, you can benefit from the savings when you buy your disposable cups from us in bulk. 

You can bu disposable paper cups from pack of 300 up to 1260! 

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