Coffee Filter Papers

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£ 1.67 inc VAT
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Where Can You Buy Filter Papers for Coffee, Drink Stirrers and Paper Napkins?

You will benefit from the fact that we are a wholesale supplier to the catering trade we stock a great range of coffee filter papers, our unbleached filter papersare sold in packsof 50 and are 100% bioderadeable and made from dioxin free paper.


What Kinds of Coffee Filter Papers Do You Sell?

You will love our range of Hario white V60 filter papers for coffee. You should use these filter papers with the Haroi V60 dripper, the coffee filter papers are disposable, so you should use a fresh filter paper each time.

You can buy the Hario white coffee filter papers in packs of 40 and also in packs of 100.

Are You Looking to Buy Drink Stirrers? 

As well as coffee filter papers we stock a range of wooden drink stirrers, these come in two sizes medium at 5.5inches in length and Long at 7.5 inches long. The wooden stirrers are sold in packs of 1000, and are fantastic value and at great low prices.

These wooden drink stirrers are perfect to stir your tea and coffee or any hot beverage and popular in many coffee houses and cafes.

Have You Thought About Buying White Paper Napkins?

Have you tried Swantex white paper nakpkins? A popular item at a great price offering you great value, Swantex white paper nakpkins are 2ply paper napkins you can purchased in packs of either 100 or depending on your needs we sell bulk packs of white napkins in quantities of 2,000.

The swantex napkin is a disposable white paper napkin, making it ideal for catering and eliminating any washing after use.

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