Cup Trays & Paper Bags

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Need to Buy Cup Tray Holders & Takeaway Paper Bags?

Looking for a shop that stocks a full range of cup tray holders and takeaway bags? You will find a wide range of cup tray holders here. These disposable paper tray holders are perfect for takeaway drinks. You can purchase either a two cup holder or a four cup holder tray.

What Are These Cup Holders Made From?

These disposable paper cup carry trays are made from unbleached pulp card a lightweight card but sturdy enough for you to safely carry up to four hot drinks at the one time.

How Many Cup Holders Can I Buy?

If your looking to buy a stock of  takeaway cup carry trays then you can buy in various quantities, the disposable 2 cup tray holders can be purchased in quantiities of  either 210 or 420 cup trays. Our larger paper cup trays are sold in quantities of 105 or 210, so depending on how many takeaway drinks you sell you can decide which quantity suits you best.

What Other Coffee Shop Takeaway Products Do You Sell?

As well as the takeaway cup trays, we sell takeaway bags, these brown bags are perfectfor takeaway cafes, coffee shops and outlets  selling a selection of takeaway food.

How Do I Know If My Cups Will Fit Your Cup Holders?

The brown paper carry bags are 8.5 x10 x 4 inches, the perfect size for takeaway items, our paper bags come with handles, allowing you to easily carry the bag if you also have a cup tray holder.

Our takeaway paper carry bags are made of 100% recyclabled materials. The takeaway bags are sold in quantities of 125 bags and are all at great low prices

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