Cup Holder Sleeves

Are You Buying Coffee Cup Sleeves?

Our range of cup sleeves are perfect in helping to keep your hot drink warm but at the same time the cup holder allows you to be able to comfortably pick up your hot coffee or beverage without burning your hands.

What Are Coffee Cup Sleeves?

Are you confused as to what coffee sleeves are? Brown paper coffee cup sleeves are also known under a number of names such as coffee clutches, hot cup jackets etc, but it's all the same thing that you're looking for!

How Many Coffee Sleeves Can I Buy?

If your looking to purchase a supply of the paper cup holders then we sell these cup sleeves in various quantities starting from 100 up to quantities of 2,000, so depending on your demand you can order the quantity you need. Do you want to buy coffee sleeves for the best price? As a wholesale supplier to the catering trade we keep our online prices competitive and low. 

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