Nespresso Pro Commercial Pods - Lungo Leggero (50)

Nespresso Pro Commercial Pods - Lungo Leggero (50)

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  • 50 x Nespresso Pro Commercial Pods - Lungo Leggero
  • Intensity (2/10)
  • Suitable for Lungo (110ml)
  • Sustainable Coffee (AAA Sustainable Program)
  • For Use With Nespresso Pro Commercial Machines

PLEASE NOTE: These Nespresso capsules are for use in Nespresso Pro Commercial machines only.


Velvety and Aromatic. A delicate blend fo lightly roasted East African, South and Central American Arabicas, Lungo Leggero is an aromatic coffee with mild notes of jasmine.

A blend of the noblest Arabicas: floral Milds from East Africa and scented Milds from Central and South America.


Roasting: Light roasting fully reveals the delicate aromas.

Aromatic profile: Bergamote, Jasmine, Floral.



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