Nespresso Coffee Capsules - Indriya (10 capsules)

Nespresso Coffee Capsules - Indriya (10 capsules)

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  • 10 x Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsules (Indriya)
  • Dark Roast (10/10)
  • Suitable for Ristretto (25ml/0.85oz)
  • Also Suitable for Espresso (40ml/1.35oz)
  • Sustainable Coffee (AAA Sustainable Program)
  • For Use With Nespresso Coffee Pod Machines

Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsules - Indriya is powerful and spicy, created from the noble marriage of Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from southern India. It is a full-bodied espresso, which has a distinct personality with notes of spices.

The Arabica and Robusta chosen for this indriya Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsule blend grow in southern India, in the shade of large trees that also provide shelter for pepper and spice growing. Grown on high altitude plantations, the Robusta we use is a very pure coffee, very intense and slightly bitter. Only absolutely perfect beans, which have passed a rigorous selection process, are used for Indriya from India.

The Arabica ub this indriya Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsule is lightly roasted, to preserve its subtle aromas. In contrast, the Robusta is well roasted to reveal its intensity and develop a full body. Very fine grinding supports the body and enhances the flavour.

This Indriya Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsule contains the aroma is of cocoa and dry plant notes, as well as a spicy bouquet reminiscent of cloves, pepper and nutmeg.

Indriya Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsules are perfect for lovers of roma, arpeggio, ristretto, decaffeubato intenso and fortissio lungo blends of Nespresso Coffee Pod Capsules

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