Kenco Singles

Kenco Singles & Capsules

Can Kenco singles be used in Kenco single coffee machines? Yes, you can also use them to make a variety of hot drinks including ground coffee, cappuccino, chocolate and herbal teas from Twinings.

The Kenco singles and capsules make great delicious tasting hot beverages and are perfect for use in offices, meeting rooms or any workplace. The kenco singles are all individually foil sealed to retain their freshness and flavour for your added satsifaction!

You Can Enjoy the Perfect Coffee Every Time 

Are you looking for a way to make your favourite coffee, that's really easy? Well, you can now with Kenco singles capsules that are simple and easy to use making instant coffee and drinks a pleasure. Have you checked out the full range of Kenco single capsules for coffee? You can get dark roast coffee, espresso and decaffeinated coffee! You'll find it so simple to make but without sacrificing any of the great filter coffee taste!

Choose from Your Favourite Coffee Brands

Do you like to buy the brands of coffee that you know you'll enjoy and that you can trust? Well, if you do, you can enjoy the fact that Kenco singles are available in a range of top brands including PG Tips, Twinings, Suchard and many more, so you can always have your perfect drink! Did you know All of our Kenco singles and capsules are sold in quantities of 160 and as a leading UK supplier to the catering trade we always aim to keep our prices low offering great value for money.





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